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Software Services

Exelon Business Solutions Limited is a leading provider of software solutions to both the public and private sectors. Exelon has fully diversified into software services with the focus on the capital market. Through our analysis, we identified the share registration sector as one that required new direction and better software solutions to enable registrars deliver value to their customers. The market at the time was dominated by Cobol-based applications running on UNIX systems.

Our success establishes Exelon as key market leaders in the software sector of Nigeria. With this success we have leveraged our new product for human resources management developed exclusively for the public sector organizations.

The key to our success in software development lies in our goal to be the number one software company in Africa within ten years. To achieve this goal, and to circumvent the acute shortage of skilled software engineers, we initiated a Skill Development Scheme that encourage young aspiring computer science graduates to seek employment with us, learn modern programming techniques as well as be exposed to the industry through skill enhancement. The Scheme has yielded incredible success and benefits for the growth of the business and for the development of the young talents we employ.

Our team of software engineers, database analysts, documentation experts, Q&A personnel and testers are extremely well trained. It has become necessary to train the young graduates to avert the problems created by the university system which does not provide the enabling environment for skill enhancement desperately needed in the software industry.

Our specialty is to deliver software solutions on time and on budget.