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Services we offer

Exelon Business Solutions Limited provides a broad range of information technology services covering projects of varying life cycles which starts from developing IT strategic plans to project management and strategic implementation; information and data modelling to building and architecting data warehouses as well as provide a full range of software development services. In addition, Exelon offers outsourcing services in specialised areas such as database and software support. We have extensive experience in delivering information technology services to the sector in Nigeria and other countries within the region including Ghana, Togo and other developing countries.

In this capability statement we demonstrate our know-how in providing specialised IT consulting services to public and private sector organizations seeking to strategically partner with us; as well as those organizations who wish to invest in information technology as a key driver and tool for economic development and planning.

We describe in this document the IT and software methodologies, and the systematic approach we use to define and satisfy the investments you make in IT.

Our experience covers a diverse group of institutions with various social and cultural antecedence. We are able to deliver solutions to our customers even with the unique environmental and infrastructure conditions prevailing in the country.

Our commitment to quality and customer service, and our diverse project experience in IT gives us the highest qualification to offer IT and software development consulting services using today’s modern technology solutions and industry best practices.