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Project Management

IT project management is fundamental to the success of all implementation programmes. Sixty percent of most IT projects fail due to poor project management skills. With each failure the client’s investment in IT is wasted. Exelon Business Solutions Limited focuses its project success on our established project management skills. Special attention is paid to ensure that our clients are provided with the best quality of service through strategic management.

It is a known fact that no two networks are the same, similar to the human fingerprints. It therefore implies that project management expertise for any IT project is crucial. For Exelon, it is important to focus on project management as a strategic resource to ensure that our clients achieve value.

With our expertise in project management we become part of your organization. This guarantees that your investment in IT is treated as a strategic management requirement. With each project we build a team of project management consultants whose emphasis is on communications and teamwork.

Exelon offers a total project management service which frees from the responsibility of planning and managing complex IT projects. Our team of consultants are vastly experienced and use key performance measures developed by our company to understand the environmental impact of IT solutions such as incessant power failure. Consequently, we create a series of management systems which forecast each aspect of the project and measure performance against clear criteria.