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We recognize the impact and importance of information technology both in the public and private sectors. Large public sector organizations are exploring veritable ways to reduce the high cost of IT ownership as well as address the issue of obsolescence.
The rapid change in systems, application software and hardware has shortened the time to market in order to achieve competitiveness or efficiency and at the same time increase productivity. Exelon offers an Outsourcing solution to ease the burden for public and private sector organizations seeking to reduce run away IT expenditure.

Exelon offers specialised support service in the following areas:

  • Database management
  • Business application
  • Groupware and collaboration
  • Network management

We have highly trained and skilled resources to manage any of the above outsourcing services. Exelon can deliver services to include total outsourcing of the service contract: the hardware systems, the business application suite and the skilled resources to operate and manage the infrastructure.

However, since we understand the unusual circumstances prevailing in the public sector establishments we extend the outsourcing service to include the training of the employees so as to create opportunities for them to take over the systems at a later time.

Outsourcing is aggressively utilised by the Oil & Gas sector as well as the financial institutions. Exelon is delivering this service mainly to the Oil & Gas sector but recognises the need for the public sector organizations to explore this option.