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Information Engineering

Information engineering, IE, is a new discipline that simplifies the understanding of a business process within an organization’s strategic business unit (SBU). Although data-oriented, it emphasises the breakdown of business policies, strategies and objectives into meaningful business entities, attributes and purposes descriptions that our analysts use to define the data requirements for your organisation.

Our expertise in information engineering establishes a framework that enables us understand your business starting from the policy statements of the organization which in turn leads to IT strategic planning. Through the same IE process we are able to clearly define the information management needs of a Strategic Business Unit (SBU) by modelling the business process.

More recently, Exelon has adopted new modelling techniques based on USE CASES and the Unified Modelling Language (UML). Their use is best suited for modelling strategic business requirements leading to object-oriented software development.

The key issues to remember are that IE:

  • Can be used to develop a data model of the business unit by documenting the business policies, strategic and tactical issues as well as create a data map of the business using IT entity relationship (ER) analysis model.
  • With the ER model we can define the database schemas to develop business application or it can be extended to provide an input document for IT strategic planning.