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Exelon Business Solutions Limited is a firm of information technology consultants and software engineers based in Abuja & Lagos. The Company provides IT consulting services in Nigeria and throughout the West African region.

Incorporated in 2007, Exelon Business Solutions Limited has expanded rapidly from a small team of IT specialists focused on delivering IT services to a team incorporating highly skilled software engineers, data warehouse experts, network and communications specialists, project managers and database analysts. Within this period Exelon Business Solutions Limited has remained focused on delivering quality IT solutions and software services.


thumbQuality Assurance

Exelon Business Solutions Limited is committed to deliver quality services. By adopting the Capability Maturity Model (CMM) we are continually improving our internal processes in order to offer better response to IT issues as well as delivery quality for any solution...Read more



At Exelon Business Solutions Limited we recognize the impact and importance of information technology both in the public and private sectors. Large public sector organizations are exploring veritable ways to reduce the high cost of IT ownership as well as address the issue of obsolescence...Read more

thumbProject Management

Exelon Business Solutions Limited focuses its project success on our established project management skills. Special attention is paid to ensure that our clients are provided with the best quality of service through strategic management...Read more

thumbInformation Engineering

Our expertise in information engineering establishes a framework that enables us understand your business starting from the policy statements of the organization which in turn leads to IT strategic planning...Read more